tisdag, mars 28, 2017 - 08:19
Now, we - Josefine and Isabelle - have reached our destination, Wale Wale youth center in Kibera, Kenya. We are having a good time in the heat and we are making progress in our work, at the same pace as the organisation in general.

We live together with a few other interns that also work at the center and during the day we all sit together at the center with the youth. We usually start the day by having a morning meeting, discussing what to do, followed by individual work. The individual work for us, is to come up with a good solution of how to use the electricity in the new center in the most efficient way, this by a control system. To design the control system, we work in Matlab and Simulink together with the youths at the center since they are the once responsible for how the new center will look like. 

When we are not working, we usually hang out with the youths for dance and fotball practise, go for a run or take a swim in a pool close by. Recently we also climbed Mount Kenya, which was (most of the time) a really nice experience! 


Take care!

Josefine and Isabelle