måndag, maj 1, 2017 - 10:40
The rain period has arrived, but at the same time Easter holiday means dancing and swimming for the kids! Our journey has almost come to an end and we are preparing for our travel back home to complete our Thesis work.

Approximately eight week has elapsed since we arrived to Kenya and it has been a really instructive and interesting time here, according to both our work and getting to know the society in Kibera.

During the weekdays, we develop a model for the Future Center, where the aim is to simulating how all electrical products in the center will be controlled. This, to be able to estimate the total energy usage and maximum power in the building. In order to evaluate how it is possible to save and control the energy in the center when it finally will be built. Together with the youths and our partner company Bengt Dahlgren, the plans become more concrete and manageable.

The rain period has now arrived in Kenya and that contributes to a calmer atmosphere. We think the temperature is nice, but the youth are freezing.

The kids at the center is now on Easter holiday, which means out of school. According to that, the center arranged a visit to a swimming pool for all members. The kids were playing around for several hours and even though they were shaking because of the cold, they continued. They have also been dancing a lot during the holiday, since they arranged the dance festival Vunjika. A lot of great dancers from Kibera arrived and we wonder where we will ever see that skilled dancers again!

We had an interesting talk to our taxi driver for a few weeks ago. He told us about how the electricity problem is carried out on the street, mostly because of the monopoly by Kenya Power and corruption. Any electrical system that doesn't contribute with money to Kenya Power, seems to be unwelcomed. This makes our project a bit trickier to fulfill, but things will hopefully change in the coming years.