Ingenjörer utan gränser är en ideell, politiskt och religiöst obunden organisation som med ingenjörskonst och naturvetenskap, entreprenörskap och projektkompetens har till syfte att bidra till en bättre värld. Ingenjörer utan gränser bedriver volontärprojekt i världen, seminarier i Sverige och inspirerar unga att bli ingenjörer.


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Kolandoto Hospital: Week 6 - Inverter delivered in advance

Hey! The past week has been a good week. Not too much waiting in general and one of the two inverters which were suppose to be delivered on June 6 was instead delivered last Wednesday. This was truly good news since now we can assure that at least 2 out of the 3 UPS:s works as intended before we departure on May 13.
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Kolandoto Hospital: Week 5 - Installation of cooling system

Mambo! Five weeks and Kolandoto Hospital is soon to be a hospital with close to full resilience to power outages. The week has unfortunately not been that exciting since most of the "entertaining" installations were finished last week. This week we have been installing the air condition in the UPS-rooms and visited the bank... twice.
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Kolandoto Hospital: Week 4 - Solar panels and gratitude

Hey! Im having a hard time believing we actually been in Kolandoto for four weeks now, which also means 50 % of our total stay has passed. Week four has been exciting, all solar panels are installed and almost all wiring and equipments are installed in the General- and Maternity theater.
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Kolandoto Hospital: Week 3 - Eye theater finished

Hello! Three weeks have passed and things are finally starting to happen here. The first UPS-system is soon to be fully installed in the eye theater which is very pleasing to observe.